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200 years ago 250 Aboriginal languages were spoken in Australia. Today only 145 are spoken. Of these, 110 are now considered endangered. Languages are store-houses of cultural knowledge. They are part of our heritage and important for all Australians. Tell me more…

About Us
100 Nations Tour


Rare Earth programs are modular and flexible. Rare Earth work with family groups, schools and social groups to deliver programs with a focus on youth empowerment, cultural heritage and enterprise development. Tell me more…

100 Nations Tour

The 100 Nations Tour is a Media Bus traveling to 100 Aboriginal Nations to raise awareness about endangered languages and empower young
people to tell their stories. Tell me more…

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Make a Difference


Cultural Media Programs

Our Cultural Media program engages young people to create community

films and cultural media projects.

Cultural Heritage

The ancient tradition of storytelling is at the heart of the human experience. Rare Earth Cultural Heritage projects work with elders and communities to create media resources for  historical purposes and celebrate the magic of Aboriginal culture.



Indigenous art is symbiotically connected with the Dreaming and culture. Rare Earth Arts supports artists and family groups to travel onto country to keep a strong connection to the Tjukulpa (dreamtime) and collect materials for traditional Punu art. These trips to country inspire artists to continue painting their dreaming stories, our living cultural heritage. All proceeds from Rare Earth Arts will help keep the dreamtime stories alive. Contact us for pricing








Rare Bikes

Aurukun Probation & Parole Officer

Aurukun community experienced significant and direct benefits as a result of this project: A reduction in community property damage as well as damage to street lights, signs, Pool and the Aurukun School have remained un-vandalised.

Rare Earth supervised Aurukun’s young, at risk offenders subject to Community Service. I have seen how the program has positively effected not only the individuals involved, many of them young offender’s subject to Community Based Orders, but also the families of Aurukun, allowing them to reconnect on a positive social level.

Media Programs

Apatula School Principal NT

There has been a considerable improvement in the average attendance at school from an average of 63% in December to 78% in June with the Youth Program being a significant contributing factor to this result.

Rare Earth demonstrated a deep empathy for all community members working quickly to establish relationships with students and their families.

Their culturally appropriate demeanour and operation allowed them to quickly gain confidence of the community and begin making a difference within short time.

Social Enterprise

UNLTD Sydney Fundraiser
To create organisational sustainability Rare Earth Foundation has moved away from the traditional charitable model that relies heavily on government funding and donations to social enterprise. www.rareearthoils.com

100% of profits from Rare Earth Oils go to the Rare Earth Foundation to continue community projects.

By creating partnerships with Aboriginal entrepreneurs, NGO’s and corporations they hope to create trans-generational change through enterprise in order to provide young people culturally relevant training, business experience and employment pathways.


Elders have shown us there is a direct link between the cultural health of a community and the emotional, social health of its youth. Using media to engage young people; Rare Earth works with elders to strengthen culture, language and self-esteem.

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