Recycled Bikes

Rare Earth Foundations Rare Bikes programs are focused around rebuilding bikes. Programs aims to reduce youth related crime, bullying, alcohol, drug and substance abuse through rebuilding bikes and providing healthy lifestyle choices.

Working in collaboration with the local rubbish dump to recycle old bikes our Rare Bikes programs teach youth to rebuild and repair bikes. Programs are modular and tailored to suit individual needs. Working with identified participants, training in bike mechanics is provided and if requested a container fitted out as a bike mechanic workshop can be left after the program to continue providing a space to run activities. A BMX track can also be built if requested.

During our programs we have been able to provide basic life skills, strengthen positive role models, increase school attendance, self-esteem development and provide Career orientation.

This program can be run as a school based, after-school/holiday program or as a referral programs for juvenile diversion engaging at risk youth.